Winter Workout Gear to Rev Up Your Weight Loss Resolutions


One of the most pledged New Year’s resolutions is to kickstart a brand new workout routine, in hopes of shedding a few pounds, for a brand new body! If you have chosen to change your eating habits and workout more, you’ll need the perfect winter workout gear. Sometimes the right clothes are all it takes to get motivated. Here are some great pieces that are inspiring us at the moment:

H&M Lily Gym Bag (above):

Every girl has to have a cute bag. Tote this soft duffel with you to and from your gym and make sure to fill it with your iPod, headphones, water, change of socks, anddeodorant, so you’ll be more than prepared to get your body back in action.

Alternative Vintage Soft Sweat Pants:
Sweats are the essential part of any workout wardrobe. Don’t be caught in your boyfriend’s baggy pants or the pair from your high school sports team, complete with elastic bottoms and drawstring closure. Try on a slim line pair that hugs your body in a comfortable way. Be sure your leggings are secure around the ankles so you don’t get them caught on the ellyptical or bike.

Alternative Earth Charcoal Zip-Up Sweatshirt:
Having a great sweatshirt is a must for any workout.

VSX Razorback Tank with Built In Bra:
Feeling too hot? Pull off that heavy sweatshirt, and keep a steady pace while working out, instead of overheating and feeling exhausted. Razorbacks allow for more flexibility in the arms and show off your new muscles.

Reebok White Pump Sneakers:
Now these shoes may be a throwback to the ’80s, but hey, isn’t that when the workout suit rose to popularity and inspired people to pop in a workout video?