25 Head-to-Toe White Outfits to Try Now

Kristen Bousquet
25 Head-to-Toe White Outfits to Try Now
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Yeah, yeah, yeah, we’ve heard all the cliché fashion rules about white outfits being strictly for summer. While that mandate might still be relevant in some people’s minds, in the fashion world, it’s pretty much been turned on its head.

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As countless designers have proved during the past few seasons, white isn’t only appropriate when the weather gets cold, but also amazingly fresh and modern-looking. One thing to keep in mind when tackling the white-in-winter trend: It’s all about the fabric. Lighter textiles such as white cotton, linen, canvas, and seersucker will look out of place during the chilly months, so be sure you’re reaching for white wool, cashmere, mohair, flannel, silk, and leather.

If you still want to spice things up a bit, adding a colorful accessory like shoes or a bag is the way to do it.

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To show you just how chic it is to wear head-to-toe white all winter, check out these 25 outfits straight from fashion bloggers and street style stars.