26 Gorgeous Dresses to Wear to a Winter Wedding

26 Gorgeous Dresses to Wear to a Winter Wedding
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Let’s be real. It’s hard to pick out appropriate attire for a wedding, no matter what the season—but when you’re heading to a winter wedding, things get even more complicated. During peak wedding season, weather conditions are warm (if not sweltering), so an easy, breezy floral dress is always a good fallback. But what do you do when it’s freezing outside and you still have to look elegant and put together?

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Cold-weather soirées are going to call for outerwear no matter what, so don’t be too worried about finding a dress that will keep you warm—hopefully the bride and groom were kind of enough to spring for a heated venue. Do take advantage of the holiday season though, and opt for a velvet or metallic number that wouldn’t have worked in the summer.

Below, shop 26 winter wedding dresses that’ll help you celebrate in style.

Originally posted November 2016. Updated October 2017.