Winter Trend: Borrowed From Your Banker Boyfriend

Kerry Pieri

Winona Ryder, Lara Bingle, Leighton Meester, Jessica Alba Photos: Jim Spellman, WireImage | Caroline McCredie, Getty Images | Dimitrios Kambouris, Getty Images

Well it’s certainly not smack you in the back of the head shocking that menswear for the ladies is still happening, but when so many chicks step out in pantsuits worthy of their dads we like to take a moment and reflect.

Someone decided it was time for Winona Ryder to be allowed back into the zeitgeist. We’ll allow it. We love a little Givenchy and the oversized maybe could have worked if she took two minutes to think about her shoes. Is that so much to ask?

Lara Bingle is an Aussie model who went with the same Phillip Lim that Alexa Chung wore to the Met Gala last Spring. Even though it might seem SO six months ago to you now, it’s actually current season and she pulls off the sexy Marlene Dietrich vibe even in a string tie.

I personally am not a girl in ties kind of girl but Leighton Meester‘s Thom Browne suit is really quite shrunken and flattering on her, but it veers into costume by stealing neck wear from Chuck Bass.

Lastly, Jessica Alba went all black in D&G it’s silk and pretty and maintains its sex appeal, though it’s not as masculine inspired as the rest. Also, she should have let Winona Ryder borrow her shoes.

Are you a sequins only in December kind of girl, or would you be willing to dip into your pantsuit reserves?