15 Necessary Winter Storage Hacks for Small Spaces

Kristen Bousquet
STYLECASTER | Small Space Storage Ideas
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Photo: Henrik Nero

When it gets cold out, we spend more time inside; and when we hang out more indoors, we tend to accumulate more crap. From bulky coats and boots to the crock pot and slow-cooker you’ll want to have on hand (but out of sight), it’s very helpful to have some sneaky storage hacks on hand by the time winter hits—at least, if you don’t want to feel like a complete pack rat by the time spring rolls around.

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For every room, it’s all about getting creative with where to hide and organize your stuff. For example, using vintage storage cubes for all your bathroom towels or hanging your fall accessories from walls or knobs on the wall, these tricks will help you save a ton of space and free up as much open space as you can in your home.

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Ahead, check out and steal some of the smartest winter storage hacks we’ve seen.