Winter Outfit We Love: This Look Makes Us Really, Really Want a Giant Fur Hat

Meghan Blalock

Every day this week, we’ll be posting one winter outfit that we think is a total home run. Meaning, everything about the look works from top to bottom, and it’s not only stylish, but also unique, comfortable, and totally worth copying. For today: a look tied together by a thoroughly modern take on a classic Russian fur hat.

giant furry hat

Pretty much everything about this outfit gives us a (typically nonexistent) craving for blustery winter weather. From the layering of thigh-high black leather boots over gray jeans, to the slim wool coat over a mottled knit sweater, everything about it looks equal parts cozy and stylish. And then, there’s that hat. Oh, the hat! Read on to find out what we loved most about this look.

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The Hat: We’re obsessed with this giant fur hat, which is made in the style of the Russian papakda hats worn by members of the Cossack military throughout history. The hat is the first thing we noticed in this outfit, and it ties the whole look together. (And, if you’re anti-fur, here’s a giant selection of faux-fur styles!)

The Boots: It takes a brave woman to pull off thigh-high boots, and an even braver one to rock them during the daylight hours. The way this woman chose to wear hers over a pair of jeans just seems so perfect: the lightwash denim dresses the boots down, and ensures that they don’t look cheap.

The Coat: As discussed, we can’t get enough of sleek winter coats at the moment, and this grey slim-fitting iteration hits the proverbial nail on the head. It serves as the middle ground between the dusting of light gray on the top of the hat with the darker gray of her jeans, and adds an air of sophistication to an outfit that might otherwise come off as a bit sophomoric.

Are you a fan of this winter outfit, and do you think it’s worth copying? Let us know below!

Photo: Imaxtree

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