Winter Outfit We Love: A Classic Trench Coat, White Heels, and Chic Stripes

Every day this week, we’ll be posting one winter outfit that we think is a total home run. Meaning, everything about the look works from top to bottom, and it’s not only stylish, but also unique, comfortable, and totally worth copying. For today: A reminder why ladylike staples like a classic trench, white heels, and chic stripes will always be in style.   

white heels in winter Winter Outfit We Love: A Classic Trench Coat, White Heels, and Chic Stripes

As much as we value creativity and idiosyncrasy when it comes to personal style, in today’s “hey, street style photographer, notice me!” world, it’s occasionally refreshing to see an amazingly stylish outfit that’s comprised of ladylike staples such as a classic trench, a feminine heel, and easy stripes. Read on to find out what worked here!

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Proportion: We love that her trench coat is just a bit longer than her skirt, which creates a glamorous, pulled-together look.

Her shoes: We’ve long been evangelists for white shoes after Labor Day, and this outfit goes to show that they not only can look appropriate, but also really stylish.

Varying stripes: Playing with pattern doesn’t have to be loud, as evidenced by the varying width of black and white stripes seen here.

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Are you a fan of this winter outfit, and do you think it’s worth copying? Let us know below, and check out every other look we loved  here! 

Photo: Imaxtree