Under $100: 10 Seriously Stylish Winter Coats That Won’t Blow Your Budget This Season


November is officially upon us, which means temperatures are going to start plummeting at a fairly steady rate. Until now, we’ve been getting by just fine with our many blazers, little fall jackets, and thin sweaters, but there’s no denying it’s just about time to break out the big guns: The winter coat.

A stylish winter coat can be a life-saver, not only because it’ll keep you toasty, but also because it provides a one-piece fashion solution that you can throw over any outfit (even pajamas) and look like a million bucks. What’s more, we’ve discovered that you don’t have to pay an arm and a leg for a coat that keeps you warm and looks stylish.

While we often dream of throwing on a luxe Marc Jacobs fur or a Margiela overcoat, the fact remains that these days,so many fast fashion labels have stepped up their game and have created winter coats that are seriously affordable and are crafted with quality materials.

From wool duffle coats to glamorous faux-fur styles, we’ve rounded up 10 versatile winter coats that clock in at under $100. So, while you may not be ready to fully succumb to the season’s impending chill, knowing you don’t have to blow your budget on a new coat makes it a little easier to swallow.

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