Winnie Harlow Fact-Checked a Tabloid’s Fake News About Her Makeup

Winnie Harlow
Photo: Emma McIntyre/Getty Images.

Winnie Harlow is done with the #fakenews about her, and she’s taking to her Twitter to fact-check the lies, even if it has to do with backhanded compliment.

The 23-year-old model took to her Twitter on Thursday to correct a Daily Mail article about her post-workout makeup. The article, published on Wednesday, included a description of what the America’s Next Top Model alum wore for a workout earlier this week. For the most part, the article was spot-on, with accurate descriptions of Harlow headscarf and Puma gear. Where the Daily Mail messed up, however, was Harlow’s makeup.

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The article claimed that Harlow wore a full face of makeup for her workout, consisting of a nude lip and smoky eye. “She highlighted her natural beauty with a palette of makeup that included a simple smoky eye and nude lip,” the Daily Mail wrote. Turns out, Harlow was au natural, without an ounce of makeup on her face, which she confirmed in a tweet poking fun at the error.

“HAHA! When the tabloids assume ur wearing makeup when ur not 😂 @DailyMailCeleb @DailyMail I’ll take that as a compliment💋” Harlow tweeted.

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With skin like Harlow’s, we don’t blame the Daily Mail for assuming that she was wearing makeup. The model is gorg, and if we looked like that after a workout, we wouldn’t wear makeup either.