Wings First Beaded Bracelet


INVESTMENT PIECE: Wings First beaded bracelet, price upon request, at

SWEET JUSTIFICATION: Remember the hemp bracelets you used to make during summer camp? They memorialized all of your fun in the sun and the new friends you made, at least until the hemp started to fray and your pen pal from France stopped responding. Wings First has taken that same style bracelet and bumped it up a notch, or two, or ten. First, switch hemp with nylon cord, the kind that scuba divers use, so it will always stay fresh. Next, forget plastic beads in favor of diamonds, sapphires, and pearls. According to designer Deb Fitch, the mix of casual and luxury “is like the Fruit of the Loom t-shirt pared with a Chanel jacket or a crystal chandelier hanging in a barn…all elegant, unpredictable, and interesting.”

Price depends on beads in the bracelet, but you can count on wearing it every day

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