Win a Trip to The Venice Film Festival Via Manfrotto

Liz Doupnik

Imagine a magical land where you and your friends bop between different themed photobooths and have your picture taken by an all-star photographer. This was Manfrottos idea of a party to kick-off their Imagine More Roadshow last week, and man, was it a blast! With a panel comprised of the likes of Simon Doonan, DJ Mia Moretti, and Chase Jarvis, a discussion encompassing the importance and potential of expressing creativity through the use of images began the event. Then, it was playtime.

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With elaborate sets spanning a rock band theme complete with drum set to a kissing booth, guests were able to jump from one scene to the next to have their photos captured by photogs such as Hanuk Hanuk and Craig Wetherby, all whilst grooving to the tunes spun by Paul Sevingy. Allowing both party-goers and resident photographers for the evening to test out the new photography accessories production stations were placed directly next to see instant uploads of the photography and to see just how good their new lighting equipment can make you look.

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On another wall, a computer screen was projected to promote Manfrottos Imagine More contests. A two-tiered challenge, the Manfrotto team has devised a way to integrate twitter poets and online photographers to win a trip to the Venice Film Festival can we say amazing?! Check out the full details of the contest here were already composing our twitter prose and dusting off our cameras!

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