36 Stunning Street Style Shots By William Yan

36 Stunning Street Style Shots By William Yan
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The style set has come out in droves for this week’s fashion spectacle shows and we’ve been tracking their every move—especially when it comes to what they’ve been wearing.  To really celebrate our street style obsession, we’ve decided to work with the folks capturing these amazing style moments by enlisting five different photographers to shoot this season’s sidewalk stars over the next five days, all with their own personal spin.

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On Day 2 of our 5 Day: 5 Photographers series featuring the best street style of New York Fashion Week, we have 36 shots from photographer William Yan, who documented candid style moments of everyone from iconic Grace Coddington and stylist Nicola Formichetti to model Jessica Stam and blogger Susie Bubble. To make this gallery extra special, he shot with, wait for it, actual film and a point & shoot camera.  He chose his tools so that he could rise to the challenge of capturing amazing style moments without a zoom lens, emphasizing that shooting is not always about the individual, it is about the feeling he gets when he clicks the shutter button.

Using a point & shoot camera forces Yan to not think too much about the setting, and allows him to just be in the moment of capturing the scene in front of him, which is a refreshing perspective in a world where we are often buried in framing and reframing the perfect shot. Shooting with film can also pose the ultimate risk: what if you don’t get the shot? You have no way of knowing until you get your photos developed, and you only get a couple of chances on a limited roll.  Yan explains, “With film, you can’t see the image, you have to feel it. I shoot with my gut, and most importantly, if its not fun, I don’t do it.” Check out the gallery to see his iteration of the best style of New York Fashion Week!