William And Kate Wish You A Very Merry Christmas…Tree

Jessica Rubin

If you’re tired of the mundane mugs and shirts with Prince William and Kate Middleton plastered all over them, then listen up, ’cause Selfridges has a classy, slightly-less-creepy way to commemorate the royal couple: The all-important Christmas ornament.

But this isn’t your typical holiday ornament. We’re talking about an85 porcelain bauble with Will and Kate’s initials intertwined on the front and and a 22 karat gold finish. According to Daily Mail, only 1,500 of these babies will be made. (Anglophiles, start your engines!)

So if you’d rather celebrate another relationships and ignore your own average, slightly dysfunctional and depressing personal dynamics, then head over to Selfridges’ website and scoop one up for yourself. And let’s all bless the royal family for spreading their marketing-genius-love across the world.

Image courtesy of Daily Mail.

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