Want: A Colorful Mini Messenger Bag Made From An Antique Rug

Meghan Blalock

will leather dhurrie bag

What: A miniature messenger bag handmade out of high quality leather and colorful, 75-year-old antique rugs sourced from New Mexico.

Why: Each bag (there are so many colors!) is completely one-of-a-kind, and their combination of old-world authenticity and contemporary chic is hard to come by. “I love the intricate detailing that went into making these rugs,” Will Leather Goods founder and designer William Adler tells StyleCaster. “There’s an artisanship there that you don’t find very often in many of the products made today. I wanted to revive this idea of hand-looming and hand-crafting.”

How: This bag’s story is so intriguing that it will be an instant conversation starter when worn with a cute summer sundress, a classic LBD, or even as a small day pack for a trip to the beach.

Mini Dhurrie Messenger Bag, $175; at Will Leather Goods