Why You Should Order Dessert on a First Date

Think skipping dessert on a first date will make you seem more enticing? Think again, girl: According to new research, it seems your date might be more attracted to you—and vise versa—after tasting something sweet.

dessert on a first date

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In a study out of Purdue University (via Men’s Health), people were given a description of a potential mate. Then, half of the participants drank something sweet, while the rest were given water. The sugar-drinking group was more interested in going out with the potential date—and expected their relationship to be more intimate. In another experiment, the researchers produced similar results with cookies.

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So, why might your date see you differently after he’s had dessert? It could be because our brains link sweet flavors with romance, said study author Dongning Ren.

Of course, downing a cookie doesn’t mean a date from hell will suddenly transform into Mr. Right, but it can’t hurt.

The bottom line: Go ahead, and take him up on that offer to split a piece of cake—it could have mutual benefits.