Why You Should Never Feel Jealous of Anyone on Facebook Ever Again

As intelligent people, most of us understand on some level that technically, lying on social media is actually very easy. After all, it doesn’t take much effort to throw on a slinky top, snap a selfie, write “so psyched for a much-needed girls night out!!!!!” then proceed to change back into your stained sweats and unpause Netflix. However, we still tend to take things other people post as gospel, which can trigger an intense reaction filled with FOMO, depression, and self-doubt.

MORE: A New Site Catches Liars on Instagram

A succinct new video by the HigtonBrothers—three brothers in Norway that make films and post them to YouTube—sets out to show you exactly how easy it is to lie on Facebook, and how embellishing not-so-exciting events can be serious “like”-bait.

Watch the clip below to see how a down-on-his-luck dude turns a series of sucky experiences into a stream of “my life’s great!” Facebook statuses.

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