10 Reasons We Can’t Stop Watching Taylor Swift’s Awkwardly Awesome New Video

Let’s just say Katy Perry‘s probably not too thrilled right now, thanks to Taylor Swift‘s new video for “Shake it Off,” an unapologetically pure pop track off her forthcoming album “1989.” The catchy song is an enormous departure for the country-pop star (who, let’s face it, hasn’t really been doing country for years), and the video features Swift playing lots of characters such as a Black Swan-esque ballerina, a boom box-carrying breakdancer, a cheerleader and twerking Fly Girl. Cute, sure, but it’s all very reminiscent of Perry, who made a name for herself with stick-in-your-head hooks and persona-filled videos.

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That said, there’s something enthralling about Swift’s “Shake it Off” video, probably due to the fact that it manages to be both charming and really, really, really awkward (not to mention the fact that the opening sounds a bit like Toni Basile‘s kitchy-catchy ’80s classic “Hey Mickey.”)

In fact, a few editors in our office admitted they literally can’t top listening to Taylor’s song and watching the video for a bunch of reasons, which we’ve compiled below. Take a look and let us know what you think of T-Swift’s new vid!

1. Because there’s now video proof someone more awkward than Anne Hathaway exists. (No offense, Swifty.)

2. Because of the little dorky things she does. Like, WTF is this hand-flute moment?

taylor swift shake it off video

3. Because we never see Taylor without a red lip, so the fact that there are scenes in “Shake it Off” where she’s without her signature color enthralls us.

4. Because the hook. The fact that we can’t get it out of our head is proof that Taylor Swift can do Katy Perry better than Katy Perry.

5. Because it’s 100% pure pop. No country, no singer-songwriter stuff, no ballad. And it looks like she’s having real fun doing it.

6. Because the below move. #Um. 

taylor swift video shake it off  dancing

7. Because the cheesy lines such as “haters gonna hate” “you coulda been getting down to this sick beat” and “To the fella over there with the hella good hair.”

8. Because her awkward dancing made us go back and relive those herky-jerky movements she did alongside Jennifer Lopez last year.

9. Because of the spoken word-meets-rap portion that starts at around the 2:19 mark. 

10. Because she throws shade at someone we assume is Lady Gaga. 

taylor swift dancing shake it off video