Bachelor’s Victoria Just Posted Unaired Footage of the Real Reason She Fought With Marylynn

Victoria, Marylynn: "The Bachelor" 2021
Photo: Courtesy of ABC.

After this week’s explosive episode, Bachelor Nation members may be curious about why Victoria and Marylynn feuded on The Bachelor 2021. Well, Victoria may have revealed the real reason for her beef with Marylynn, and it wasn’t seen on TV.

To recap: “Queen” Victoria Larson and Marylynn Sienna became the first feud of the season on Monday, January 11, when Victoria told Bachelor Matt James that Marylynn was “manipulative” and “toxic” because of something she said about her. At first, it seemed like Victoria and Marylynn’s fight was over Marylynn allegedly telling Victoria she wanted to “pick” her “brain” to see why she acts the way she does, which Marylynn denied ever saying.

“You were rude to me earlier…You said, ‘I want to pick your brain and understand you and see why you act the way you do,’” Victoria told Marylynn on Monday’s episode.

Marylynn then fired back, “I said I would like to get to know each other so that we can better understand each other and get to know each other.” The show then cut to Victor walking away while saying, “Marylynn, she’s psychologically disturbed, literally, like I’ll sleep on the couch rather than share a room with Marylynn. I don’t even care. I’m gonna be with Matt and the rest of it is just, like, ridiculous. I literally am a queen and I can’t wait for Matt to send her home so I have my own room as a queen should.”

Was their fight really over this miscommunication? Well, there’s where the story becomes more complicated. After the episode aired, Victoria took to her Instagram to share some unaired footage from her fight with Marylynn, which was seen in Good Morning America‘s sneak peek of Monday’s episode but was never aired on TV. (Watch the clip here.)

In the clip, which was posted by @BachelorNationScoop, Victoria finds her suitcases outside of the room she shares with Marylynn after their fight. This leads Victoria to believe that kicked her out of the room they shared together and dumped her luggage outside. “I feel like anytime I talk or do anything, I’m, like, shut down and I feel not happy, honestly…Marylynn threw my bags out?” Victoria says she walks to the room she shared with Marylynn. The contestant went to call Marylynn “so rude” for moving her belongings without telling her.

“Why did they leave this out of the episode? It slightly changes things, and validates Victoria a little more … (maybe that’s why they left it out),” wrote @BachelorNationScoop, who reposted the clip.

It’s unclear if what Victoria claims is true, but what we do know is that she makes it past this week, according to Reality Steve. So we’ll see more of Queen Victoria at least for now.

The Bachelor airs Mondays at 8 p.m. on ABC.

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