Why Megan Fox Elicits Eye Rolls And More From Elle’s Under 25 Issue

Kerry Pieri

Elle October profiles 25 women under 25. We thought these lists usually start with under 30, which we suppose makes these chicks all the more impressive…well some of them.

Four covers highlight Lauren Conrad, Amanda Seyfried, Megan Fox, and Gabourey Sidibe from an ex-reality TV star to an Oscar nominee, this list certainly runs the gamut in the way of defining success. The ladies opened up on the immense pressures that comprise being young, rich and pretty.

Jennifer’s Body gets a lot of gasps on her wedded status apparently, explaining to the mag, When I talk about my husband [Brian Austin Green], I feel as if people roll their eyes. Its like when youre 16 and order a martini, and the waiter says, Do you think Im stupid? They cant grasp that Im old enough to be married. We thought outside of NYC most girls were married at like 23, so not to malign David Silver, but we think it’s because of who you married Megan.

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And what makes us love Gabourey Sidibe even more? Part of me thought it would be weird if people knew I was a grown-up playing a teenager in Precious. So I had a twenty-first-birthday party. We had drinks and went to a strip club called Shotgun Willies. Apparently she’s actually 25 and we’re obsessed.

Catch all the pics, soundbites and covers when the mag hits newsstands and get a sneak peek below LC looking all business-y included. After all she did say,
I was never that girl who just wanted babies. I wanted a career before all of that.

99178 1284058820 Why Megan Fox Elicits Eye Rolls And More From Elles Under 25 Issue
Photos courtesy of Elle

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