Who’s Buying This? The Weirdest Kate and William Memorabilia

Who’s Buying This? The Weirdest Kate and William Memorabilia
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Weddings are exciting, I get it. Royal weddings are especially exciting, I get that too. While it’s totally understandable to get engrossed in the buzz over Prince William and Kate Middleton’s ceremony of the century, something I don’t understand is the mass production of outlandish borderline creepy souvenirs to celebrate.

Ever since William put a (gorgeous, sapphire) ring on it, the media has been non-stop about covering everything from Kate’s dress, to the official florist, to Prince Harry’s date. The highly-anticipated extravaganza is only two days away now, so why not milk it some more and get a final kick out of gratuitous Royal wedding indulgences condoms, pizza, and pez dispensers included.

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A favorite of the lot. Royal condoms – because your future King and Queen order you to stay protected. 

William and Kate car window decal! Don't ask. 

Pop culture's most iconic characters all have Pez dispensers fashioned after them – of course William and Kate should too! It's kind of hilarious how spot-on they got with the faces. 

People have been talking about this wedding for months now, this royal barf bag is for those of you totally sick of it all. 

The British do love their tea...

I present to you British plumber Barmy Franks and his two front teeth, starring none other than William and Kate. They make him smile. 

Yes, this really exists. It provides a comprehensive history of William and Kate's romance, Westminster Abby, and anything else you need to know about the big day so you're never left out of cocktail conversation (because people will still be talking about this long after it's over)


No surprise Kate Middleton has become a global style icon, what with her fascinators and sheer dresses and all. Will having her face on your sliding closet door inspire you to choose a lovely outfit? Err...

Somebody got paid to do this. Kate's luscious locks are made of olives, William's suit salami and peppers. Yum?

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