Who What Wear Tells Us What to Wear, Where

Kerry Pieri

Who What Wear has a cult like following and it’s not a mystery why it’s a beautifully edited, celebrity focused fashion guide for the real girl. Hillary Kerr and Katherine Power are the savvy behind all that style and they’re back with their second book, entitled What to Wear, Where.

I stopped by the Scoop SoHo last night to check in with these LA girls making their way across the US to give some face time to the fashion advice hungry masses, and sign a book or two, or all of them, since they’ve sold out in every city they’ve hung out in so far.

It’s the first look I’ve gotten at the adorably informative What to Wear, Where, which answers the very question it poses in some serious detail. From horse races, to picnics, the opera, New Year’s Eve, and all kinds of weddings, Kat and Hillary have it covered by personally dressing themselves head to toe for a breathless array of occasions.

Kat explains the inspiration behind WTWW, “It’s an extension of the first book it had a chapter called ‘What to Wear, Where’ and it was our most popular chapter. We get hundreds upon hundreds of emails from women every month wondering what to wear to specific functions, whether it was a corporate job interview right out of school or on dates and weddings.”

And what’s the most inquired about outing? “Definitely weddings,” Kat explains, “dates and job interviews and then oftentimes it’s the most casual situations that people find really frustrating so we included what to wear on the weekends, what to wear running errands, at the dog park.” To which Hillary adds, “And there are dogs involved in the picture, which we’re really excited about we borrowed dogs.”

So obviously these two pretty ones weren’t holding back, they totally committed, which may be easy for your every day personal style blogger, but writers and market editors are a different breed. Why the personal approach? “Well, we have very different bodies,” Kat explains, “and very different styles and I think our readers have just responded in the past better to real girls.”

Hillary continues, “So if we’re taking inspiration and translating it, we also thought it would make it more accessible too, although we were very nervous to put ourselves out there, but people have been really kind about it so far.”

That’s the secret to success, no? Give the girls what they want. But what to wear while you’re doing so? As they say, buy the book.