Why You Should Check Out Who What Wear’s New Home Decor Site

Meghan Blalock
dh katie nehra slides 01 Why You Should Check Out Who What Wears New Home Decor Site

Photo via Domaine Home

Design junkies, get excited: the ladies behind the super-successful celebrity shopping site Who What Wear, Hillary Kerr and Katherine Power, have just launched a similarly functional online home decor magazine called Domaine Home.

Overflowing with expert home decor tips, step-by-step tutorials (like this amazing Alexander McQueen-inspired fireplace), and, of course, the requisite celebrity home makeover (including a surprise one withGlee” star Lea Michele), the site also features shopping galleries packed with cute knick knacks like bowls, geometric throw pillows, and even interior design books to guide you on your home decor journey.

The magazine is helmed by former Domino editor (RIP—it was one of our favorites) Mat Sanders, who also put together some killer features over at Apartment Therapy.

“I’m always attracted to things that are a little messed up, or off,” Sanders told Racked L.A. “This is something I learned from working with greats like Scott Dadich and Alyson Cameron at Condé Nast. What’s wrong about this picture and why is it much more beautiful as a result? I’m also really into scribbles and sticking things to surfaces with colored tape.”

Head over to domainehome.com to check out the site for yourself, and learn more about Michele’s “squeal reveal” when she came back to a completely renovated apartment after the Domaine editors made it over. Hint: it wasn’t all puppies and rainbows.