Who Should Follow In Darren Aronofsky’s Drug PSA Footsteps?

Jessica Rubin

As if meth wasn’t terrifying enough already, Director Darren Aronofsky added his creepy-yet-magical touch to videos he directed for The Meth Project (click here to watch, if you dare). Four different videos portray youngadults in various disturbing situations (suicide attempts and prostitution, just to give you an idea). We have no doubt that these are some of the most effective anti-drug PSAs to hit airwaves in over a decade.

In light of Aronofsky’s previous work directing films such asRequiem For A Dream and Black Swan, it’s no surprise that The Meth Project tapped the Hollywood heavyweight to work on these clips.

Per usual, these PSAs led to a discussion in the StyleCaster office about other notable Hollywood types who could whip up a compelling drug campaign…or drive us to use drugs (whichever works).

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