Who Knew Victoria Beckham Was a Literary Influencer?

Kerry Pieri

I’m sure that the name Harper will fly up the baby name charts faster than anyone can download a new Bruno Mars single [seriously, why do people like Bruno Mars?] – you know, as soon as some ladies can pop out some babies. Right now, it’s currently ranked #174 in the US.

In the meantime, though, David and Victoria Beckham’s new baby is first influencing the literary world. According to Vogue UK, “Sales of To Kill A Mockingbird have more than doubled since the weekend when David Beckham revealed that the author, Harper Lee, was one of the inspirations for his daughter’s name.”

Hey, if people are reading a classic American novel because of the Beckhams, then that’s cool. “It’s a very strong, passionate book. That’s where Harper came from,” Beckham said. Too bad the lady only wrote one book.

On a side note, I was at my neice’s Christening this weekend and the other little newborn girl was named Harper, which means there’s one seriously peeved Mom in Buffalo who thinks she was getting creative with her baby’s name, only to find out in 5 years when she drops her kid at Kindergarten that there’s 7 other Harpers to contend with. Oh, celebrities.

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