Who Is Zac’s Ex-Wife? What We Know About the Woman He Married Before Tayshia

The Bachelorette: 2020
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After Tayshia Adams chose him as her winner, Bachelor Nation members may be wondering who Zac Clark’s ex-wife is from The Bachelorette 2020.

Zac and Tayshia got engaged on the Tuesday, December 22, episode of The Bachelorette season 16. Tayshia gave Zac, an addiction specialist from Haddonfield, New Jersey, her final rose after she broke up with her runners up, Ben Smith and Ivan Hall. In an interview with People after the episode, Tayshia and Zac confirmed they’re still together and she has plans to move in with him in New York City. “She has a one-way ticket to New York,” Zac said. “We’re going to get comfortable. And I’m going to date the heck out of her!” Tayshia added, “We have so many similarities regarding our goals in life. I’ve never been in a relationship like this before. Our communication is phenomenal and I feel really safe with Zac. It just feels so right. And I can’t wait to experience life with him by my side.”

But Tayshia isn’t Zac’s first proposal. As viewers know, Zac was married once before. On his first one-on-one date with Tayshia, Zac explained that he and his ex-wife were college sweethearts. They married in 2009 and separated in January 2011. On his date with Tayshia, Zac confessed that he and wife split due to his past drug addiction.

In an interview with Us Weekly on Tuesday, Zac’s ex-wife, Jennifer Stanley George, opened up about their relationship for the first time. “He lied to me about it for years. Our entire relationship he lied to me about his drug use. I mean, I didn’t know. I was very naive,” Jennifer said of why she and Zac split.

She continued, “He said [on the show], ‘I left after a DUI’ — I don’t even remember him getting a DUI honestly.”

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On The Bachelorette, Zac explained that he started to abuse pain medication after he underwent surgery to remove a brain tumor. After that, he started to use harder drugs before becoming sober and seeking treatment.

Zac told Tayshia on the ABC series that he started abusing pain medication after he underwent surgery to remove a brain tumor. He subsequently started using harder drugs before seeking treatment. “He needed to do [get clean] for himself, not for me,” Jennifer said. “And I think at that point, if we had stayed together, he would have been doing it for me.”

Jennifer also told Us Weekly that she isn’t sure that Zac is being “genuine” with Tayshia. “He’s very sensitive and I think he’s been through a lot,” she said. “And like I said, I want the best for him. I hope that he is the final one tonight and that they are still together. I wish that for him. I just don’t know if he’s being completely honest and genuine on TV … But I don’t know if that’s just because I’m scarred from our past.”

As for what she thinks of his relationship with Tayshia, Jennifer told Us Weekly: “I love Tayshia. I watched her on the other shows too and she seems so sweet. I’ve kept in touch a little bit with his sister. … He was really close to his sister, and we actually kept in touch on social media and I know she just had a baby too. She’s the one who wrote him in for the show and I feel like he would never have done this on his own because he’s just not into that kind of stuff. He’s not looking for followers.”

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