Who Is The Patron Saint Of Fashion?

Spencer Cain

Today is All Saints’ Day, and as a Jew, I’m very confused. No, All Saints is not simply one of the most incredible-yet-forgotten British girl groups of the 1990s. I consulted my best friend/boyfriend/personal security blanket (all of whom are named Wikipedia), and apparently this occasion celebrates “all those who have attained the beatific vision in Heaven.” Basically, awesome people.

Naturally, I got to thinking: Who is the patron saint of fashion? Who, above all those living today deserves this recognition more than most?Sure, we all have an opinion as to who is best-dressed. Most of you people would probably say Alexa Chung (even though I must inform you that is the incorrect answer). Because after all, the patron saint of fashion is more than just a pretty face. They are a taste maker, a style icon, a trendsetter, a genius AND a living f*cking legend.

Thus, please take a look at the poll below and cast your vote — and then we can finally come to a consensus on this pressing issue and bow down (no matter how much those six-inch heels might pinch).

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