The Next ‘Bachelorette’ Will Be One of These Five Women, So Get Excited

Bachelor 2020: Hannah Brown, Peter Weber
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Now that we’re two weeks out from the end of Peter Weber’s season on The Bachelor, it’s time to ask ourselves: “Who is The Bachelorette 2020?” So far, there are no clear choices from season 24 of The Bachelor. From Alayah and Victoria P.’s friendship feud to Hannah Ann and Kelsey’s #ChampagneGate, many of the women on Peter’s season have been involved in the kind of drama that often disqualifies them from The Bachelorette process. This is why The Bachelor producers, according to Reality Steve, are looking beyond Peter’s season for the franchise’s next lead.

According to the spoilers site, The Bachelor producers have narrowed down their Bachelorette short list to five women, one of whom is from Peter’s season. That means that the other three are from Bachelors past. That doesn’t mean that more names can’t come up, but as of now, these are the few women that Reality Steve can confirm have had conversations to be the next Bachelorette. It’s too soon to tell who the producers will choose (we have to wait and see who pulls on viewers’ heartstrings at the “Women Tell All”), but if Reality Steve’s predictions are right, the next season of The Bachelorette isn’t going to be like anything we’ve seen before. Find out the frontrunners ahead.


Kelsey was blindsided after Peter eliminated in the final four after Hometown Dates. After she was sent home, viewers believed she received a Bachelorette edit when she told producers just how much she fell for Peter on the show. “I’m just still in shock and like confused,” she said. “I just honestly didn’t expect to fall for him as hard as I did…I fell and he didn’t. It hurts really bad.” Reality Steve also revealed that Kelsey had a Bachelorette audition-like interview at the “Women Tell All,” so it’s clear that The Bachelor producers are testing how viewers feel about her. In his most recent post, Reality Steve claims that Kelsey was one of three women who met with producers in Los Angeles to interview for The Bachelorette. “I’m sure there were more, but those three definitely did. I can’t tell you who they like better, like less, whatever,” he wrote.

However, don’t get too excited, Kelsey fans. Reality Steve also claims that The Bachelor producers aren’t keen to cast someone from Peter’s season, which means that Kelsey is on the lower end of their want list. “One thing I keep hearing is that they’re not gonna go with someone from Peter’s season. There may be something to that,” he wrote.


Another name Reality Steve listed was Tia Booth from Arie Luyendyk Jr.’s season of The Bachelor in 2017. As viewers remember, Tia was eliminated in the final four. After the season, she dated Colton Underwood before he went on Becca Kufrin’s season of The Bachelorette. There was some drama because Tia and Becca are friends, and Becca didn’t know about Tia’s romance with Colton beforehand. Both Tia and Colton were later on season 5 of Bachelor in Paradise, where they dated for a few episodes before Colton broke up with her. Now she’s single and looking for love and could be the next Bachelorette, according to Reality Steve.


Tayshia was the third name that Reality Steve listed as a possible Bachelorette producers want. The spoilers site revealed that Tayshia interviewed for the role in L.A. Tayshia was a contestant on Colton’s season of The Bachelor and was eliminated in the final three after Colton decided to chase after Cassie Randolph who broke up with him. Tayshia was later on season 6 of Bachelor in Paradise, where she dated John Paul Jones on and off. The two broke up before the finale but on the “After the Final Rose” episode, Tayshia reveals that she went after JPJ and they got back together. JPJ later moved to L.A. to be closer to Tayshia, but their romance ended after a few months. Now Tayshia is back on the market. Could she have 30 suitors soon?

Hannah B.

Reality Steve didn’t list Hannah B. in the same group as Kelsey, Tia and Tayshia, but he did reveal that The Bachelor producers wanted her as the next Bachelorette. As viewers recall, Hannah B. was the season 25 Bachelorette and got engaged to Jed Wyatt in the finale. Then she ended the engagement after news broke that Jed wasn’t truthful about a relationship he had before her season. In the “After the Final Rose” episode, Hannah asked out runner-up Tyler Cameron. The two went out (and Tyler slept over at Hannah’s house in L.A.), but the relationship ended there as Tyler pursued a romance with Gigi Hadid. Hannah then made a cameo on Peter’s season of The Bachelor, where she revealed that she still has feelings for him and regretted not choosing him in the finale. After the two almost kissed, Peter ended the romance then and there and went back to his suitors.

When Hannah B. ended her season of The Bachelorette single, Bachelor Nation members (including Nick Viall) petitioned for her to be the next lead. Producers wanted her too, but according to Reality Steve, Hannah B. asked for more money than ABC could afford. “Did they want Hannah Brown? Absolutely. She was their top choice but they couldn’t agree on money apparently and she’s out unless something drastic happens,” he wrote. That’s likely why Dancing With the Stars announced that Hannah will perform on tour for a week at the end of March, around the time The Bachelorette films. Is she out of the running for sure? Sounds like it, but as Chris Harrison says, expect anything.


Kendall was a finalist on Arie’s season of The Bachelor. She was eliminated in the final three and went on season 5 of Bachelor in Paradise, where she dated Joe Amabile. The two left the beach single, but Kendall later went after Joe in Chicago, and the contestants got back together. They dated for more than a year until their recent breakup in February. Sources have since said that the couple split because of their differences in where they want to live. Joe moved to L.A. to be with Kendall, but prefers Chicago. (He has since moved back there.) Kendall, on the other hand, still lives in L.A. Reality Steve didn’t mention Kendall in his post, but he did say that the contestant is someone Bachelor producers are looking at for the next Bachelorette on his podcast.