Anna Wintour Just Split From Her Partner of 20 Years & Here’s What We Know About Him

Shelby Bryan & Anna Wintour
Photo: AP Photo/Diane Bondareff.

News of the Vogue editor-in-chief’s split has many asking the same question: Who is Anna Wintour’s ex-husband, Shelby Bryan? Plenty of us are more than familiar with the 70-year-old queen of fashion herself, but the same can’t be said when it comes to Shelby. That said, there is lots to know about the 74-year-old businessman—but first, let’s break down why the pair have decided to end their relationship after 20 years together.

On October 22, Page Six was the first to report on the pair’s breakup. Earlier reports from the outlet suggested that Anna and Shelby’s relationship had “cooled off” as they hadn’t been seen together in public for quite some time, but a new source has now reportedly confirmed that they’re officially done. A separate source for ET corroborated on news of the split, adding that this “is not a new story,” as “they haven’t been together for a while.”

Speculation of their split first began in November 2019, after Page Six reported that Anna and Shelby had fallen on hard times in 2013. This was especially the case for Shelby, financially speaking. According to the outlet, the businessman appeared to owe the IRS approximately $1.2 million in back taxes at the time. Which, again, leads us to wonder: who is Anna Wintour’s ex-husband, Shelby Bryan, exactly?

For everything we know about Anna Wintour’s ex-husband Shelby Bryan, just keep on reading.

Anna Wintour & Shelby Bryan met in 1999.

In 1999, Anna Wintour and Shelby Bryan met at a Benefit Ball for the New York Ballet. This may sound rather glamorous, but the truth of their relationship’s early beginning is one of infamous media attention. As it turns out, both Anna and Shelby were in other relationships when they began their own affair. While they ultimately ended things with their respective partners to be together, it appears all the publicity influenced them to take on a very private partnership over the next two decades.

Shelby Bryan is an entrepreneur & investor.

Anna Wintour’s ex-husband Shelby Bryan has quite the resume. The businessman holds an MBA from Harvard Business School and began his professional career with Morgan Stanley in the 1970s, before going on to start a company of his own. Shelby founded Millicom, a cell service company, in New York City in 1980. Millicom has since gone on to partner with dozens of other international cellular providers and boasts no small status as the second-largest cellular company in the world. Shelby has also served as CEO of ICG before forming another company, Pingtone Communications (now Fusion) in 2001.

Shelby Bryan used to compete in boxing competitions.

As a teen, Shelby Bryan reportedly “excelled” at high school football and boxing. He used to compete in national Golden Gloves competitions, and at the age of 16, became one of the youngest contenders to participate in the tournament’s history. There’s that entrepreneurial spirit!

Shelby Bryan was married twice before Anna Wintour.

Let’s just say that Anna Wintour’s ex-husband Shelby Bryan has been an ex-husband before. Shelby was married to his first wife, Lucia Bryan, with whom he shares daughters Ashley and Alexis. Following his divorce from Lucia, however, Shelby went on to marry Katherine Bryan. Katherine and Shelby had two sons, Austin and Jack.

When Shelby met Anna in 1999, he was still married to Katherine. Anna was also attached: the Vogue EIC was married to David Shaffer at the time. Soon after meeting, Anna divorced her husband in 1999, while Shelby divorced his wife, Katherine, in 2001. Anna and Shelby officially married in 2004.

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