Who Are The Bigger Liars? Men or Women?


I was watching a clip from an old Chris Rock stand up show this morning weird, I know, but just go with it for a minute. During the three-minute clip Chris brought up a very interesting gender issue on the topic of lying, posing the question: are men or women the bigger liars? Ok, so I’m sure Chris had no intention of spurring some sort of serious discussion with his jokes, but the fact of the matter is he brings up some very valid (albeit debatable) points. That said let’s have a little debate, shall we? Here are the main take-aways I got from the clip:

“Men lie all the time. We lie so much it’s damn near a language…. you [women] gotta let some sh*t slide”

The argument I take from this is that men are more or less programmed to lie. It’s an inate part of their genetic makeup therefor we, as women, should be more forgiving and lenient. I call bullsh*t. If this reasoning is true, then can the same be applied to, say, women and shopping? Yeah, I didn’t think so…

The visual lie: you got on heels, you aint that tall… you got on makeup, your face don’t look like that… you got a weave, youre hair ain’t that long… you got a wonder bra on, your titties ain’t that big. Everything about you is a lie and you expect me to tell the truth? F*ck you.”

In a less theatrical way, he’s saying: There’s no difference between the lies we verbally tell and the lies we physically portray. And if this is true, then women are just as big of liars as men. I hate to say it, but I might have to side with Chris with the point that women use a lot of optical illusions to make themselves appear a certain way. But the question becomes, would you necessarily categorize these physical enhancements as lies?

“Men lie the most, but women tell the biggest lies.”

He’s arguing that men may lie, but the type of lies that women tell are of the life-changing variety. He means lying about where you were last night vs. lying about the father of your baby. As hilarious as Chris’ argument is, there is absolutely no evidence for his theory so moving on…

Without generalizing too much, I think it’s safe to say that women are the better liars but does that really mean we’re the bigger liars? According to Chris Rock, the answer is yes. But I think it’s important to make the distinction between “bigger” and “better.” Do you agree or disagree with Chris’ points above? Let me know in the comments!