Whitney Port on Her Go-To Healthy Meals—Plus What’s on Her Workout Playlist

Whitney Port on Her Go-To Healthy Meals—Plus What’s on Her Workout Playlist
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Whitney Port—yes, Whitney Port from our favorite adolescent pastime, The Hills—is no longer just a character on the small screen. In fact, while we weren’t looking, Port became a wife, CEO and mother to a beautiful baby boy. You’re probably thinking what we’re thinking: She’s a superhero. In true mom form, Port is constantly lending a hand to other people, helping them out whenever she gets a chance—whether it’s by changing their diapers or designing their wardrobes under her Whitney Eve fashion label. But how does she manage to stay healthy? We don’t know about you, but after a long day at the office, all we want is a giant bowl of mac and cheese. (And we’re not even the ones taking care of a brand-new baby.)

Turns out, health isn’t really an afterthought for Port. Her husband is lactose-intolerant, so making sure her family is eating right began long before the newborn came around. In order to keep the whole crew in tip-top shape, Port turns to Lactaid. And it’s not just for her husband—”It’s 100-percent real dairy, just without the lactose,” she says. So she can enjoy it, too!

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For more information on how Port makes time for her own health, read on. You’ll definitely learn a tip or two you can apply to your life, mom or not.

My go-to breakfast is: Oh, usually I’m kind of bad—a banana, and then I make myself a cappuccino in my Nespresso machine. But that’s usually all I have for breakfast, so then by lunch I’m starving.

My go-to lunch is: We try to keep it light during lunch. If I eat something super heavy, I just get really tired and feel like I need a nap after. Usually, I’ll have just a salad, and it varies with different proteins. My favorite kind is just mixed greens with grilled chicken and some beets and goat cheese with a vinaigrette. My favorite thing to eat is anything Mediterranean, like a Greek salad with grilled chicken and rice. That’s an ideal lunch for me.

My go-to healthy snack is: Usually, for a midmorning snack, I’ll make myself a piece of sourdough toast with peanut butter. Or I have those Perfect peanut butter bars that are really good for on the go… they’re really delicious.

My go-to healthy drink is: I love Harmless Harvest Coconut Water. I could drink that all day long. Especially if I’m taking a hot yoga class or doing something that takes a lot out of me, I feel like replenishing with electrolytes is really good. I love kombucha too. There’s this flavor that’s like strawberry-coconut kombucha that’s really delicious.

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My favorite workout is: I’m a member of ClassPass, which is awesome, because I can try a whole bunch of different things and not get sick of something, so I feel like every workout is hard for me, as opposed to when I do the same thing all the time and get kind of used to it. Right now I would say my favorite one is CorePower Yoga. It’s a hot yoga class, and I just feel so refreshed and invigorated afterward.

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The one thing that always gets me motivated to work out is: Honestly, just the rush that I know I’m going to get afterward. Mentally, it just really preps me for the day, and it gives me such a positive attitude and outlook.

The top songs on my workout playlist right now are: So I love the free playlists on Spotify. They have all these random, curated playlists. “On My Side” by Hounded is one… and anything by Kygo. I love Kygo.

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My favorite healthy restaurant is: I usually opt for something healthy wherever I go, but we live in the Valley and eat at Katsuya a lot. I just feel like when you go to sushi there are so many different healthy options.

Three ingredients you’ll always find in my kitchen are: Bananas, Lactaid and nectarines.

My biggest on-the-go health tip is: Try your best to pack snacks! I think finding healthy snacks is a really hard thing to do when you’re traveling. Just try to be prepared and pack your own.

My guilty pleasure food is: Pizza or french fries (they’re classic staples). Or bread. I’m definitely a savory kind of person, like, I could eat a whole loaf of bread with butter.

My signature healthy dish is: Our signature healthy dish that we do is just a really simple grilled chicken (a marinated chicken) with lemon and olive oil, salt and pepper, and some herbs from our garden. And then I just make a salad with any leftover vegetables we have in the fridge, kind of a garbage salad. And then I make a homemade vinaigrette with olive oil, mustard, a sherry vinegar and salt and pepper. It’s just a really good go-to.

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The best part of my job is: The best part of my job is the creative side to it. Right now, I’m working as the creative director for this company called Bundle Organics. It’s a snack company for pregnant and nursing women. I’ve helped to redesign all of their packaging and redevelop all of their products and flavor profiles and branding. The most fun part for me is to see those creative decisions actually come to life. We’re launching in stores in October, and it’s just going to be so gratifying to see everything on the shelves.