15 Chic-as-Hell Styling Tricks for White Walls

15 Chic-as-Hell Styling Tricks for White Walls
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White walls might be classic and simple, but they definitely don’t have to be boring: Instead, think of them as a blank canvas for you to design and style exactly as you like. You can add color, pattern, texture, or even leave the white as-is, and let it become a background for bold furniture that can make a statement on its own.

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If you’re looking for stylish ways to make your white walls a little less basic, click through the 15 chic, simple spaces ahead. Each one manages to make white look like a well-thought-out choice, rather than something that just happened to a room. Get inspired by these ideas, and then get ready to make your own white wall a work of art.

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A few bright touches, like a splashy painting and bold lamps, add vibrancy to a white wall without making it look busy.

Annie Schlechter

A white wall brightens up a monochromatic room filled with cool blues and grays.

Agent Bauer

A large piece of art in white—like this oversize shadow box—adds interest to a simple white painted brick wall.

Elizabeth Roberts

Wooden accents and sleek, modern art make this white-walled living room feel clean and up-to-date, but also warm.

Mark Ashby Design

Stacking several small frames against a white wall brings personality to a minimalist office space, without making it feel cluttered.

Riikka Kantinkoski

Sheer curtains in a bright color warm up white walls—and these pink ones add a touch of soft femininity (but don't look overly sweet).

Stellan Herner/Cia Wedin

A cream-colored tasseled tapestry brings cozy texture to a simple all-white bedroom, and warms up a cool, white wall.

A Beautiful Mess

A few colorful, graphic pieces of art brings fun and liveliness to an otherwise simple white-walled space.

Riika Kantinkoski

Hanging an assortment of wall decorations in different sizes and shapes—like this cluster of clocks—makes a white wall feel artsy and bohemian, yet well-curated.

Stellan Herner/Elle Decoration

A white wall is the perfect background for a grid of shelves holding books, vases, globes, and figurines.

Stellan Herner/Elle Decoration

A tangle of industrial corded lights feels cool and modern when set against a stark white wall and black-and-white furniture.

Morten Holtum/Elle Decoration

A bathroom wall of large, white tiles looks clean, especially when paired with marble.

Elisabeth Heier

A white wall is the only background that works if you're looking to go all out with colorful art, tons of books, bright throw pillows, rugs, and decorative items.


Use a white wall as a way to showcase special items, like a hanging feather collection or unique piece of art.

Heather Bullard

Consider painting exterior walls white: Here, it brightens up an outdoor deck area with a bench and plant, making it feel extra-inviting.

Elisabeth Heier

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