20 White Living Rooms Made for Modern Minimalists

20 White Living Rooms Made for Modern Minimalists
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All-white décor may not seem like the most practical choice, but it’s easier to pull off than you might think. The key: Layer in different shades of white, and don’t be too literal about the concept—be sure to work in at least a few other colors or textures, even if they’re subtle.

“Ironically, most ‘all-white’ living rooms are not really all-white,” says interior designer Kimberly Winthrop of Laurel & Wolf. “There are often touches of natural materials, wood, green plants, and soft silvers and golds.”

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“Keep your major pieces, like the walls and sofa, white, and incorporate neutral accents—like a light bleached-wood coffee table—so your space feels inviting, warm, and clean,” she says. “Another key to having a chic all-white space is keeping it clean and uncluttered.”

Here, ogle and get inspired by 20 living rooms that feature white monochromatic looks in totally livable ways.

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