Winter Outfit We Love: This Gal Pairs White Jeans With Colored Fur

Every day this week, we’ll be posting one winter outfit that we think is a total home run. Meaning, everything about the look works from top to bottom, and it’s not only stylish, but also unique, comfortable, and totally worth copying. For today: A reminder why lame fashion rules (ahem, no white in winter) are made to broken. 

white jeans winter Winter Outfit We Love: This Gal Pairs White Jeans With Colored Fur

Around here, we’re all about breaking lame fashion rules. One particular offender that always gets us riled up: The “no white after Labor Day” mandate, which holds zero weight in our book. That’s why we’re loving that this gal proves all-white can work in cold climes by adding key seasonal pieces. Read on to find out what exactly worked here!

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All white: Proof that summer staples like white jeans and a white tee can work in any season, so long as they’re styled correctly.

Her coat: We’re loving that she didn’t save her embellished coat for the evening, and paired it with jeans and a tee.

Her scarf: Colored fur is one of the season’s chicest trends, and this is exactly how to wear it in a way that’s striking yet less flashy than, say, a full-length fuchsia fur coat.

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Are you a fan of this winter outfit, and do you think it’s worth copying? Let us know below, and check out every other look we loved here! 

Photo: Imaxtree