White House Crashers Fail: Dos and Don’ts of Sneaking Into A Party


All of us at one point or another have dreamt of meeting the President, dancing in the White House ballroom, eating off the First Lady’s fine china, but everyone knows that being invited to such an event is damn near impossible. Apparently not for Tareq and Michaele Salahi, the two “regular Joes” that recently snuck into a White House state dinner.

What’s the big deal? Well, if anyone can sneak into a White House dinner, then who’s to say the President’s security is intact? The couple broke their silence regarding the event, stating that they were in fact invited and that the rumors and accusations are indeed false. We’re having a hard time believing the two, as their reputation in the media frames them as a fame-hunting, celebrity-stalking, con-artist couple.

If you do manage to get a tip-off that there’s a highly exclusive party happening in your neighborhood, and you want to try your luck at the door, be sure to take note of these helpful dos and don’ts of sneaking into that special event:

Do: Dress the part. At least the couple managed to get the requested attire down pat, as Michaele wore a sheer red and gold Middle-Eastern inspired gown. If you’re going to a formal affair, make sure you show up in something formal. If the party is casual, don’t beg your boyfriend to wear a tux only to get there and realize that everyone else is in jeans. Make sure you wear the appropriate attire if you want to gain access, even if you weren’t invited.

Don’t: Bring a large group of people with you. The chances of you alone getting in is one thing, now add four of your best friends to the mix and the bouncer might not be inclined to let you past the red-velvet ropes.

Do: Collect business cards and contacts. Networking correctly might just land you an invite to the next event.


Don’t: Take a dozen photos and post them on Facebook–one way the crashing-couple got caught. Basically you’re just giving yourself away and chances are you’ll be contacted to take them down and questioned. If you want to take pictures, that’s fine, but don’t go nuts taking pictures of everyone and everything. Limit yourself to a few shots of memorable moments, have them framed for your home, not on the internet.

Do: Keep a low profile. Once inside, it’s probably be best if you drink moderately, and quietly then confidently introduced yourself to the people you’ve been hoping to meet. Stay true to your personality.

Don’t: Dance on tables, run up to famous people in awe, over-drink, yell across the room at someone you recognize….basically don’t act obnoxious. Acting out of character is a sure-fire way to be noticed, but not in a nice or complimentary way.