Editor’s Pick: A Model-Approved White Fur Jacket for $149

white fur jacket street style

Photo: Diego Zuko/Harper’s Bazaar

Fact: Like a child, I gravitate toward anything furry. Jackets, bags, boots, sweaters, you name it. Bright orange fur? Totally practical! A fuchsia fur scarf and matching gloves? Muppet chic! Normcore? Pshaw. In fact, I bought myself a pale pink Mongolian fur bag in 2008, though—up until recently—folks looked at me like I was hauling around an endangered species on my shoulder—even fashion people.

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I’m certainly not suggesting I’m a trendsetter—fur has cycled in and out of fashion for decades—but there’s no denying that it’s having an especially bright moment right now—both real and faux. So—as much as I don’t need another furry coat—I can’t help browsing this season’s selection of killer styles.

During said browsing, I came upon a white faux jacket on Zara’s website for $149, which reminded me of the above street style shot, which I recently added to one of my Pinterest boards.

I know she’s a model and all, and I’d probably want to copy her outfit if it were an actual live Mongolian lamb draped over her shoulders, but I loved the way she tempered the inherently glitzy nature of white fur with easy basics like blue jeans and brown boots, giving it some everyday utility.

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I’m not sure another animal-like jacket can fit into my overstuffed closet, but I’m considering it. In the meantime, I totally think you should get it now. Yes, you! Head over to Zara to check it out.

white faux fur jacket

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