White Claw Slushies Are Taking Over TikTok As The Ultimate Frozen Summer Drink

Bella Gerard
White Claw Slushies Are Taking Over TikTok As The Ultimate Frozen Summer Drink
Photo: Denira/Shutterstock. White Claw.

I tried for a long time to resist being a White Claw Person, but when I finally gave in, I gave in hard. Like, I ordered more than a few cases and finished them in record time. It was quite the summer! And now that summer 2020 is upon us (and given the current state of the country, I could really use a drink right about now), I think I’ll treat myself to a White Claw slushie, the frozen drink I never knew I needed, but now can’t stop thinking about.

TBH, TikTok is full of all kinds of things I never knew I needed but can’t stop thinking about, but these slushies top the list. Once I saw a few users whip them up in mere minutes, I knew I’d never make homemade frosé again. My blender and ice are now strictly reserved for White Claw slushies, thank you very much! Just when I thought I was running out of ways to make my Zoom happy hour calls interesting, this new drink has shown up and changed everything. The bar has been raised, and I accept this new challenge—at this point, I’m debating getting my official bartending license.Try and stop me!

So, let’s talk recipe specifics. Literally all you need is your favorite White Claw (or multiple), lots of ice, additional unflavored vodka and the fresh or frozen fruit of your choice. Chuck it into your blender, mix, and serve! It couldn’t be easier to make, but it tastes like the kind of drink you’d pay $16 for at an overpriced beachside bar. Even though all it takes to make a basic drink frozen is a blender and some ice, bartenders tend to up the price by a lot compared to normal beverages—but that refreshing fix is so hard to resist! Totally worth a splurge, but even better when you can make it at home for less.

If you’re looking to be TikTok famous this summer, make your own White Claw cocktails and post them ASAP! The frozen drinks have even started popping up all over Instagram, so you know they’re thisclose to replacing frosé and frozen margs for good. Might I suggest a White Claw slushie tasting, similar to a wine tasting but far more wonderful? In the words of Megan Thee Stallion, it would be “classy, bougie, ratchet.”

If you thought you didn’t have a lot to look forward to this summer, listen up: These are strange times, and all you can do is make the most of them! And if “making the most of them” means chilling in your backyard with a White Claw slushie or whipping one up for your weekly Zoom happy hour, well, there are worse ways to spend an afternoon. Ain’t no laws (besides social distancing laws, of course) when you’re drinking Claws!

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