Which ‘Twilight’ Star Landed A TV Series About Fashion?

Spencer Cain

Last year, Twilight starlet Ashley Greene appeared on the ill-fated show Pan Am. Despite her three episode arc, the show could not stay on the air. Within a few episodes, it crashed and burned. I never saw it but apparently the clothes were cute and it was about as entertaining as staring at a box for five hours waiting for it to sing an aria from Madame Butterfly.

Luckily for her, this was not Ashley’s last shot — she has just booked a starring role on a pilot called Americana. She will appear alongsideWithout a Trace‘sAnthony LaPaglia, who plays a famous fashion designer. The show revolves around his family business and Ashley plays a new designer who comes into the mix and stirs up a whole lot of crap.

This sounds like a quality primetime soap, which means that I should set my DVR now. What do you think? Does Greene have the chops for the small screen, or should she stick to biting random people around Seattle?