Which Celebs Will Bring Their Style A-Game to the Oscars?

Which Celebs Will Bring Their Style A-Game to the Oscars?
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When choosing the ideal dress for the Oscars there is no excuse for offensive attire.
People tune in to the years most elite red carpet event to see Tinseltowns finest
preened and pressed by first-class styling and beauty teams. As such, there is no
room for error even the most minor misstep can be disastrous. A slightly visible
panty line here, a bountiful bosom there, and youll be devoured by Joan Rivers and
her wolf pack come sunrise.

Personally, Im happy to let a few fashion mistakes slide during the rest of the year.
Were all familiar with the usual defenses that are recited to recover from a red
carpet faux pas. The Grammys are for fashion risks or she looked fine for the
Golden Globes, its just the dress rehearsal for the Oscars anyway. When its Oscar
, you better be ready to knock our socks off. Its head-to-head competition to be
Americas next fashion sweetheart.

We have a stellar list of hopefuls this year. Marion Cotillard, Michelle Williams,
Anne Hathaway and Natalie Portman are usually shoe-ins for a top ranking on best
dressed lists, but its anyones game this year. Natalie getting knocked up really
threw me for a loop and Michelle frumping it up in Valentino at the Golden Globes
raised more than a few brows. Im caught between a rock and a hard place, and Im
wavering on my predictions.

Take a look at the slideshow above, and lets make educated predictions on who will
knock it out of the park this year. A walk down memory lane should allow history to guide us!

Who do you think will fall in the Best Dressed category this Oscar season?

Here is my personal order including all the ladies attending the Oscars, Cast your vote below!

Marion Cotillard
Michelle Williams
Anne Hathaway
Natalie Portman
Julianne Moore
Mila Kunis
Jennifer Lawrence
Mia Wasikowska
Hailee Steinfeld
Amy Adams

(I start to worry after this line)
Ellen Page
Kate Mara
Annette Benning
Melissa Leo
Helena Bonham Carter

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As a presenter, I'm sure Anne Hathaway will bring us a portfolio of beautiful gowns.

Natalie usually makes solid style desicions, but with the baby bump only time will tell. The color choice is nice here, and she can pull off the bubble gum pink. Blondes on the other hand should steer clear of this color at all costs.

Color is dragging Natalie down here, but the design is romantic. She takes elegant risks.

Can't wait to see what Mila will don at the Acadamy Awards! If this dress is any indication, we think she has the right advisors on board.

This look is one of my all time favorites, but the Valentino floral number at the Globes was dumpy-city. I think you'll rebound Michelle!

Mia Wasikowska is a newcomer to the Oscars, I'm anxious to see what she'll bring because she is young enough to pull something a bit daring off. At the same time she could miss the mark without the experience of the veterans.

Marion Cotillard makes me swoon, her style choices are always so avant garde. Give us couture! She's a fashion industry darling.

It could be hit or miss from Kate Mara who stars alongside James Franco in 127 Hours, usually I find her red carpet choices a bit lowbrow. Maybe she'll step it up for the Oscars. Prove me wrong!

Oh Julianne, in my book you can do no wrong. That is, of course, except for this disaster of a dress. I've seen you kill it on the red carpet time and time again. I have high hopes this time around!

Jennifer Lawrence looks lovely and ready carpet ready, play it again sam.

Dear Helena, you're already interesting to look at, can you try to reel it in with your fashion choices?

Loved Hailee Steinfeld in this age appropriate Prabal Gurung dress.

Ellen Page, she's definitely no fashion plate, and hey, it's not for everyone.  Maybe something more figure flattering this time?

Melissa Leo is a hot ticket, and her performance in The Fighter will make her even more relevant for upcoming castings. I hope she has a better stylist though. I hate the matronly mother of the bride dress above.

Annette Benning, Keep it classy

I don't mind red on a redhead, but you had to throw green in there? It's not Christmas, it's the Academy Awards.

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