Where To Shop Vintage Online & How To Find The Good Stuff

Julia Marzovilla
Where To Shop Vintage Online & How To Find The Good Stuff
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Buying luxury goods is exciting, but not everyone wants to be rocking the same new It Bag as every other girl on the Soho sidewalk. Many tastemakers prefer to shop vintage or secondhand for a unique look! If you’re hoping to capture the retro aesthetic that’s going viral on TikTok these days, I’ve rounded up the best places to shop vintage and pre-loved secondhand pieces online right now. Consider this your be-all-end-all guide on how to sort through the clutter so you can find the real gems.

When I think of vintage and secondhand shopping, I normally picture a crowded thrift store with more racks jammed into it than I can count. Sifting through that kind of situation can be a nightmare! Luckily, there are tons of options for savvy shoppers who want to score a vintage diamond-in-the-rough without actually leaving the house. Enter: a slew of curated online secondhand shops that stock tons of name-brand and designer pieces, sorted into easy-to-shop categories.

But first, let’s break down exactly what makes something vintage rather than simply pre-loved. Generally, something can be called vintage if it was produced or sold more than 20 years ago. These are the kinds of items that you can find on sites like What Goes Around Comes Around or Beyond Retro

That said, not everyone wants true vintage, even if you think the word sounds appealing. And we’ve got options for you, too! If the piece you’re considering buying was produced more recently, it’s often best to buy it secondhand from sites like Vestiare Collective or RebagBoth options have a network of vetted and authenticated sellers, so you can shop assured that the person you’re buying from will actually send you the piece you’re seeing in photos.

And don’t you dare overlook sites like Etsy on your hunt for retro goodies! The site is chock-full of online storefronts that are selling pieces by little-known (sometimes totally unknown) vintage designers that you won’t likely find anywhere else. It’s not always about the name brand, people—some of the best vintage finds fly under-the-radar. And when all else fails, try browsing through eBayYes, there’s a lot to sort through, but the hunt is virtually always worth the reward.

If you’re ready to get shopping, read on to learn a little more about the best pre-loved and secondhand shops on the Internet—and shop the cutest pieces from each site.

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STYLECASTER | Where To Buy Vintage Online

Courtesy of The Outnet.

The Outnet

If you missed out on snagging a pair of shoes or a bag from a recent designer collection, you can probably still find it on The Outnet. The site has listings from over 350 designer brands including Gucci, Acne Studios and even The Row discounted down to 70 percent off, so set up your search alerts now.

STYLECASTER | Where To Buy Vintage Online

Courtesy of The Luxury Closet.

The Luxury Closet

Talk about range—The Luxury Closet has over 16 thousand items listed on its site from top brands like Tiffany & Co, Chanel, Louis Vuitton and more. If you’re making a pricey luxury purchase, you can even pay using an installment plan. If you want to sell on the site, they even handle all of the pesky authentication processes for you, so it’s a solid option if you’re looking to let go of some pre-loved pieces.


STYLECASTER | Where To Buy Vintage Online

Courtesy of persephonevintage/Etsy.


There are so many great vintage shops I could call out on Etsy, but a few of my personal favorites include Persephone Vintage, ShopFuture and One Moment. Just like you would do when shopping for any and all of your home goods, take a gander through the thousands of resellers on Etsy’s site. Your new favorite vintage blouse could be one click away.


STYLECASTER | Where To Buy Vintage Online

Courtesy of Beyond Retro.

Beyond Retro

Beyond Retro adds new pieces to its site on a near-daily basis, so it’s truly a treasure trove of vintage fashion. The site employs a team of so-called “treasure hunters” to peruse through raghouses—massive vintage clothing warehouse-type hubs—to find pieces to sell on the site. Beyond Retro also actually uses some pretty innovative tech to help forecast the trends before they happen. The result is a selection of true vintage pieces that are meant to enter your wardrobe and stay there for years.


STYLECASTER | Where To Buy Vintage Online

Courtesy of essential-eyewear/eBay.


Ah yes, eBay. It was one of the very first reselling sites on the Internet! Yes, I know there is a ton of stuff to sort through, but that’s what makes it fun! If you’re in a pinch, shop from the site’s dedicated vintage page—you may just find a classic piece to add into your wardrobe.

STYLECASTER | Where To Buy Vintage Online

Courtesy of ThredUp.


While some vintage stores will take just about any donation, ThredUP has the opposite approach. The online consignment site actually posts a list of the types of pieces that it’s looking for based on what’s trending and demand from customers. Then, people who have desired items can send them in for the site to approve to sell. The best part? If your items are accepted, you receive store credit to shop. And if you aren’t looking to sell, there’s tons to buy!


STYLECASTER | Where To Buy Vintage Online

Courtesy of What Goes Around Comes Around.

What Goes Around Comes Around

What Goes Around Comes Around has solidified itself as one of the premiere destinations for luxury vintage fashion. With IRL locations in New York, Miami, East Hampton and Los Angeles, the site is the place to go if you’re looking for investment pieces like a Chanel wallet or a classic designer handbag. Kendall Jenner and Rachel Zoe count themselves as fans, no big deal!

STYLECASTER | Where To Buy Vintage Online

Courtesy of ReBag.


While the word “bag” is literally in the name, ReBag also sells a slew of vintage and pre-loved accessories in addition to purses from over 50 designers on its site. They also have an Infinity feature, where customers can enjoy a purchase for up to a year and then exchange it for a credit up to 80 percent, so they can pick up a new piece. The longer you keep your item, the less the credit is in the end: A zero to three-month exchange results in an 80 percent credit before decreasing by 5 percent every three months after that up to a year. If you’re someone who wants a new bag on the reg, this option could be a total godsend.


STYLECASTER | Where To Buy Vintage Online

Courtesy of dianalexp86/Poshmark.


If you’ve ever had clothes that you’re trying to get rid of, you’ve probably tried to sell them on Poshmark. But, there’s a real art to making a sale on the site! Plus, its vintage selection is downright incredible. You can shop it two ways: Either follow the vintage tag or just search for the brands or collections that you admire. The site hosts over 80 million users worldwide, so the selection is pretty massive.


STYLECASTER | Where To Buy Vintage Online

Courtesy of madeinsaigon/Depop.


To be on TikTok is to know Depop, but this site (and app!) is way more than a Gen Z fad. Think of it as the hybrid between a social media app and a thrift store. You can either shop by searching for a specific bag or by find an influencer or creator who is selling pieces that you love and shop from them directly. Olivia Rodrigo even sold some of her personal items on Depop, so you never know who will pop up next.

STYLECASTER | Where To Buy Vintage Online

Courtesy of The RealReal.

The RealReal

If you’ve thought about consigning a luxury piece that you hardly ever use, head to The RealReal. While you can shop a highly curated selection of items at one of its brick-and-mortar locations in cities like New York, Los Angeles, Austin or Chicago, the website is where the real treasures are at, including tons of true vintage treasures. If high-end luxury is your market, then The RealReal is a must-browse.

STYLECASTER | Where To Buy Vintage Online

Courtesy of Vestiare Collective.

Vestiare Collective

Founded in 2009, Vestiare Collective has certified itself as a fashion set favorite when it comes to buying and selling vintage and pre-loved pieces. Users can ask the seller questions about the items that are up for sale and negotiate the price if they want to. And you know that you can trust that you’re getting what you paid for—the site literally started out as a designer authentication store in Paris!

STYLECASTER | Where To Buy Vintage Online

Courtesy of Fashionphile.


Fashionphile is actually Neiman Marcus’ exclusive re-commerce partner, so it’s safe to say that the site knows what it’s doing when it comes to buying and selling pre-loved and vintage goods. Rather than operate on a consignment basis, Fashionphile offers buyouts to sellers so that they can see the money up-front rather than having to wait for a particular item to sell. You can also try a piece commitment-free courtesy of the Refresh program, which allows buyers to sell an item back to the site for a percentage of the cost.


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