We Now Know The Brand of Mayo That Queen of Home-Chef TikTok, Emily Mariko, Uses

Summer Cartwright
We Now Know The Brand of Mayo That Queen of Home-Chef TikTok, Emily Mariko, Uses
Photo: Courtesy: Kewpie, Emily Mariko. Image: Cierra Miller/ StyleCaster.

If you’ve been on TikTok sometime this past week, you’ve likely come across scores of people reheating leftover salmon and creating a rice dish that looks absolutely delectable. This latest foodie trend is all thanks to Emily Mariko, a 29-year-old Bay Area resident who seemingly shot to internet fame after posting a quick clip of her go-to lunch routine.

The recipe goes as follows: place a salmon fillet on a plate and use a fork to crumble the fish into smaller pieces. Then, add a good chunk of rice, and place an ice cube and piece of parchment paper on top of it all. Don’t ask us about the ice thing, just trust us (and trust Emily) that this method makes for some seriously soft rice. Once this is all toasty, she adds soy sauce, sriracha, and the star of the show: kewpie mayo.

What’s is kewpie mayo, you might be asking?

Well, it’s a specific type of mayo brand founded by Japanse creator, Toichiro Nakashima. According to Thrillest, the major difference between this mayonnaise and the kind you might have in your fridge already is the eggs used. Kewpie mayo incorporates rich Japanese eggs known for having a deeper orange-colored yolk, thanks to the free range chickens from which they come. These are why the Kewpie mayo looks more golden than that from an American brand. Plus, the brand uses apple cider vinegar rather than the distilled type that’s in many U.S. recipes. It’s also got MSG added in, so you know it’s packed with flavor.

This has been a popular condiment long before Emily came to the TikTok scene, but she’s inspiring so many home chefs to test it out that the mayo is selling out practically everywhere. In fact, if you take a look at Google search trends for “kewpie mayo,” you’ll see that it’s been skyrocketing since Mariko’s hugely viral Sept. 21 tutorial.


Best lunch of the week!

♬ original sound – Emily Mariko

It’s impossible for your mouth not to water after watching that.

Now, like most mayo companies, Kewpie has a few different types to shop from. If you search it on Amazon, you’ll find a bunch of options to choose, but thanks to another TikTok star, we now know the exact type Emily uses.

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Kewpie Mayo

Courtesy: Kewpie.

Our fav millennial TikToker, @Rod posted a clip this week showing a surprise gift he received: kewpie mayo from none other than Emily Mariko herself. Thanks to Rod, we now know the squeeze bottle that she flavors her dishes with, and we’ll be buying it in bulk.


Reply to @emilymariko This is indeed bussin. Thanks for the package Emily! #emilymariko #food #salmonrice

♬ original sound – Rod

Now, it’s selling fast pretty much everywhere, so if you want to make your own Mariko lunch, you better buy it quick! More versions of the tasty mayo are available here.