Exactly Where to Buy Those Crystals You Love So Much

Lindsey Lanquist
Exactly Where to Buy Those Crystals You Love So Much
Photo: Allison Kahler.

Like pretty much everyone else in the current cultural zeitgeist, my roommate and I have gotten really into crystals. We want to line our window sills with them, fill vases with them and adorn our bookshelves with them. Plus, my roommate likes to carry one or two with her wherever she goes.

Whether or not these baubles have magical powers is debatable, but mostly irrelevant (at least, as far as we’re concerned). Crystals are cute as fuck, and that’s kind of the entire point of home decor, right?

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But deciding we wanted to garnish our humble home with crystals was one thing, and actually doing so was another—mostly because we couldn’t figure out where to buy crystals. There are myriad brick and mortar stores selling tarot cards, incense, crystals and more, but we weren’t into the idea of filling up a couple sacks with heavy crystals and lugging them around the streets of New York.

What we really wanted was to find a reliable online store we could turn to whenever we wanted to stock up on crystals. That way, the effort we’d have to expend would involve placing an order and waiting a few days for it to arrive on our doorstep. (Way better than navigating the subway with sacks of beautiful rocks in hand.)

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Some diligent Google searching revealed there wasn’t just one reliable online store we could shop—there was a straight-up plethora of crystal retailers. This was incredible news, especially because we discovered that while some stores specialize in expensive statement crystals, others are better about offering batches of smaller crystals. By mixing and matching a few different stores, we could curate a crystal selection that met our every need and desire (plus, having a few go-to retailers to turn to made comparing prices a whole lot easier).

Here, 19 online crystal retailers you can visit the next time you find yourself yearning for some seriously beautiful rocks.

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