Where Can I Buy Kendall Jenner’s Tequila? Asking For A Friend

Julia Marzovilla
Where Can I Buy Kendall Jenner’s Tequila? Asking For A Friend
Photo: Adobe. Design: Cierra Miller/STYLECASTER.

After months of speculation about what she might be launching, Kendall Jenner’s fans are thrilled at the announcement of the newest installment in the Kardashian-Jenner brand empire: Kenny’s very own alcohol label. I’m nothing if not a little nosy when it comes to an exciting new launch, so if you’re feeling the same and desperate for some tea (or some tequila), here’s everything I know about the company so far—including where to buy Kendall Jenner’s 818 Tequila for yourself.

This obviously isn’t the first time a member of this famous family has launched their own guaranteed-to-be-a-hit brand. Kylie has her wildly-popular cosmetics and skincare lines; Kim has beauty, fragrance and SKIMS shapewear; Khloé has seen massive success with apparel line Good American; and um, Kourtney has Poosh.

Now, Kendall has a project of her own—and she’s coming for your bar cart. The 25-year-old is no business newbie—she previously invested in trendy oral-care brand MOON and released a best-selling makeup collection with Kylie Cosmetics—but this the first time she’s stepping out entirely on her own, and to that accomplishment, I raise a glass. Of 818 Tequila, natch.

Jenner officially shared the news of her tequlia brand in an Instagram post earlier this week. Per her announcement, 818 Tequila’s initial release will feature three different iterations, all hand-crafted in Jalisco, Mexico. Four years and “dozens of blind taste tests” in the making, fans can expect a Repsisado, an Añejo and an Añejo Blanco.

In case you don’t know the differences between the different types of tequila—or which to include in your favorite cocktail—here’s a simple breakdown. Reposado tequilas are aged anywhere from two to 11 months in oak barrels, which give them both a richer flavor and color. Añejos, on the other hand, often have to be aged for over a year, which gives them a more complex flavor. Blanco tequila—which is also referred to as “silver” tequila—is clear in color and is aged up to two months or not at all.

Apparently, all three 818 bottles are already award-winning. Jenner shared that the brand was anonymously submitted to multiple competitions and crowned a fan and expert favorite—so it’s not just the Kar-Jenners who think it’s bomb. That said, Jenner fans are now finding out that the family has been sneaking the drink on Instagram for months now. According to these eagle-eyed IG detectives, bottles of 818 have made their way into the corners of several Jenner vacation pics recently, and videos of the Jenners and their inner circle sipping from unbranded, label-less bottles have also been posted to Instagram Stories.

The brand’s official Instagram page began posting a few days before Jenner’s official announcement and has since amassed over 250,000 followers. That said, there’s little info on the page about where to actually buy Jenner’s brand. Get this—there isn’t even a website yet! With no official word on when the brand will actually hit shelves or how much the bottles will cost, I’m stalking every Jenner-related fan account with the hopes of learning more. Fingers crossed for a drop before the end of the month!

At the very least, here’s hoping I can get my hands on a bottle before summer, because I’m picturing myself sipping on an 818-infused cocktail on a beach somewhere. Oh, and this may not be the last of Jenner’s 2021 business launches! Word on the street is that Jenner has also filed a trademark for her very own beauty brand, so there are even more model-approved goodies on the way. Just remember, don’t drink and glam, folks.