‘The Circle’ Apartment Is Also a Catfish—Here’s the Truth About Where the Show Is Filmed

"The Circle" 2021 Apartment
Photo: Netflix.

Circle, chat: Where is The Circle filmed? If you’ve watched The CircleNetflix‘s reality TV competition where contestants compete to be the top “influencer”—you may want to know if The Circle apartment is real and where the heck the show is filmed.

The Circle, which is based on the British reality TV competition of the same name, premiered on Netflix on January 1, 2020. Here’s how The Circle works: Eight or so contestants—who are a mix of real people and catfishes—move into their own isolated apartments within The Circle building, where they can only communicate with other contestants via The Circle, a social media-like computer program that transcribes their messages into text.

Each week, the contestants are asked to rank their fellow contestants. The two highest ranked contestants are named “influencers” and have the power to “block” and eliminate another contestant from the Circle. One by the one, contestants are blocked until there is one contestants left, who is named the top influencer and is awarded $100,000.

Since its premiere, The Circle has been one of Netflix’s most popular reality TV shows for its unique concept and competitive drama. But where is The Circle filmed? Fans may be surprised to learn that The Circle apartment is also a catfish.

Where is The Circle filmed?

Though the American version of The Circle premiered on Netflix in the U.S.A., it wasn’t filmed in the United States. Creator Tim Harcourt confirmed to Oprah magazine in January 2020 that season 1 of The Circle U.S. was filmed in the fall of 2019 for 15 days in Salford, Manchester, in the United Kingdom. In fact, season 1 was filmed in the same building as the British version of The Circle, which brings us to our next question…

Is The Circle apartment real?

Yes! The Circle apartment is real, and that part of the story is not a catfish. According to Capital FM, the apartment is a real apartment complex in Salford called the Adelphi Wharf. Capital FM also reports that the apartment sits on the bank of the River Irwell and opened in 2019. The complex is also close to the Manchester city center and has an underground parking garage, as well as a gym. The standard units also don’t look like what viewers see on the show. Residents move into a fairly plain and modern unit with white walls, and grey, black and beige furnishings. The apartments viewers see on the show are thanks to The Circle‘s interior and set designers.

One-bedroom apartment in the complex comes with a kitchen, a bedroom and a bathroom, just like the the units on The Circle. The cost to buy an apartment in the complex starts at £94,995 or around $130,000. Given that both the British and American versions of The Circle film there, the apartment is very popular. So if you’re looking to move into The Circle apartment, you’re out of luck, as Capital FM also reports that all units are occupied. 

The Circle is available to stream on Netflix.

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