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Meghan Blalock

Listen, we know the wide world of fashion blogs is incredibly overpopulated at the moment. All you need to start your own is a computer, a basic Internet connection, and a mild to moderate grasp on language. But every now and then we come across one that truly catches our eye, and Where I See Fashion is one of those instances.

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The Tumblr, which is run by Milan-based fashion student Bianca Luini, takes gorgeous fashion images—from campaigns, runways, and other works—and compares them to real-world and artistic works that are strikingly similar. Bianca makes the connection between the sometimes highfalutin world of fashion with the more accessible world at hand, to brilliant results. Check it out:

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“I think that art and fashion have always had a symbiotic relationship, they’re two entities that feed off of one another and this connection is getting stronger and stronger,” Bianca tells StyleCaster of her inspiration behind starting the blog. “Both realities are very inspiring to one another, I think there’s no limit in creativity.”

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She started the blog initially as part of a project for school, but it has since grown to boast hundreds of thousands of page views and a large amount of interaction with readers. Bianca has an extremely keen eye for drawing the connections between fashion images and objects found out in the real world or represented in works of art.

“The thing I love the most about fashion is probably that it’s a universal world of creativity and beautiful designs that anyone can wear and make theirs,” Bianca says. “I believe it’s a way to create our own identity and feel comfortable with ourselves; when we feel like we look good, we feel good, at ease, more confident.”

Head to Where I See Fashion to see more of her work, and check out more of our favorite images below!

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