Where The Celebrities Go, Part II


NY Magazine‘s Grub Street did an excellent recap last week that let regular New York folk (can New Yorkers ever actually be regular folk?) into the exciting world of celebrity dining. From sightings like Shaquille O’Neal at Civetta and Gerard Butler at BLT Fish all the way to Taylor Momsen at Hudson Terrace, Grub Street covered it all. Sort of.

We were shocked to see that Da Silvano didn’t make it onto the restaurant hit list. Among regulars like Jay-Z and Beyonce, Marc Jacobs (is Da Sil your Monday night pre-Greenhouse stop?), Rihanna, and the occcasional Johnny Depp, we catch a celeb at the Italian eatery every week, without fail. Just last night, Ed Westwick (hearts), and Malin Akerman were spotted, separately (though if they were together, that would make for one hell of a headline: “Scandinavian Goddess Dines with British Sex Symbol,” eh?).

Akerman looked rockstar-good, flashing her pearly whites as she was leaving the restaurant. Why the influx of bald men behind her weren’t swooning, we’re not sure. But in any case, her Elise Øverland metallic tunic and peep-toe booties are beyond.

We’re already half way through the StyleCaster shop trying to emulate this look. So far we’ve come up with this metallic Thuy top, this LnA black mini skirt and these Boutique 9 peep-toe booties. What do you think?

I’ve asked this once before. No one answered, but here goes again. Da Silvano tonight, anyone?