When Models Fall in Love? Freja and Arizona Muse Rumor Mill

Kerry Pieri

The fact that weeklies are still going on and on about Brad and Angelina and Jen after about 17,000 years just proves how banal and tired the celebrity dating gossip has become. Want to know what’s way hotter? Rumors about two perfect models secretly dating.

Mom and solidified it-girl Arizona Muse is reportedly dating Chanel campaign face Freja Beha Erichsen, per a blurb in Joann Pailey’s couture diary that reads, “The rumor mill is churning in our row. Apparently, Freja Erichsen and Arizona Muse are dating.” Freja has also been linked to Cat McNeil and Irina Lazareanu, which must just mean she has really good taste to go along with those awesome tattoos.

And in searching for an image for this post, I’m led to think that perhaps this rumor shouldn’t have been so breaking?

Photo: Terry Richardson