When Is The Next Mercury Retrograde? It’s Always Coming Up Sooner Than You Think

Roya Backlund
When Is The Next Mercury Retrograde? It’s Always Coming Up Sooner Than You Think
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If you’re a follower of astrology, you know all about what a drag Mercury retrograde can be. Even when you think you might be able to dodge its disorienting effects, it always shocks you with its intensity! And because everyone has embarrassing stories of things that have gone wrong during this strange time, you’re probably no stranger to Googling “when is Mercury retrograde” at the first sign of destruction.

Because Mercury always stations retrograde three to four times per year, you’re more than familiar with the way it can wreak havoc on your life. Just when you think you have everything under control, another Mercury retrograde will take place, throwing a wrench in your plans and forcing you to rethink the direction you’re moving in. This pesky transit is famous for kicking up delays and frustrations, making it a time that’s terrible for air travel, challenging for technology and maddening for your relationships. After all, Mercury is the planet of communication, which means that everything pertaining to the way you give and receive information is under duress during this retrograde.

Even though there’s an endless list of things that can go wrong when Mercury is retrograde, it’s never the end of the world. In fact, when you dive deep into what Mercury retrograde actually means, it becomes clear that this experience always has something fascinating to teach you.

STYLECASTER | Mercury Retrograde May 2022

Image: Adobe. Design: Sasha Purdy / StyleCaster

What Is Mercury Retrograde?

You’ve heard all about how Mercury retrograde is a difficult experience, but have you ever been told why? Whenever a planet stations retrograde in astrology, it begins moving backward through its usual trajectory, retracing its steps through the zodiac. This has a tendency to not only bring up unresolved drama from your past, but it also inverts the influence of the planet in question. Because Mercury is the planet of communication and cognitive function, it has everything to do with the way we express ourselves, the way we learn and the way we keep up with our day-to-day activities. If Mercury is moving backwards, wouldn’t that have a tendency to make you feel like you’re also moving backwards?

Mercury is retrograde can make you feel a little lost, but it also gives you the power to find yourself.

Because Mercury is not functioning as optimally as it usually does, it challenges you to to think outside of the box while it’s retrograde. Instead of going from point A to point B, you may have to go from point C and then back to A, perhaps take a short detour at point D, and then eventually, you end up where you’re supposed to! Mercury is retrograde can make you feel a little lost, but it also gives you the power to find yourself. After all, this retrograde encourages you to venture off the beaten path, where you’ll always experience the most growth. Think of all the beautiful things you stumble upon when you take the wrong exit! Sometimes, frustrating delays can lead to unexpected blessings.

With that being said, Mercury retrograde is not usually the best time to start a new project or enter a new relationship. Instead, this is a fabulous time to spend time rethinking, re-strategizing, redoing, recalibrating, recalculating and reevaluating. Don’t put pressure on yourself to get ahead when it’s more important for you to settle scores and tie off loose ends.

STYLECASTER | Mercury Retrograde May 2022

When Is The Next Mercury Retrograde?

The next Mercury retrograde begins on September 9, 2022 at 11:38 p.m. ET, taking place at 8 degrees Libra. However, you’re probably already feeling the beginning stages of this retrograde, as Mercury enters its pre-shadow phase on August 20, while it’s still moving through Virgo.

Because this retrograde begins in balanced, harmonious and relationship-oriented Libra, its main focus will be on the way you solve conflict and find common ground with the people in your life. You might notice that certain relationship patterns keep arising, forcing you to rethink the way you perceive and treat your one-on-one partnerships. Do you fear commitment? This retrograde will likely challenge that fear. Do you jump into relationships far too quickly? This retrograde will likely encourage you to slow down and get to the core of why you might be a serial monogamist.

The next Mercury retrograde begins September 9 and ends October 2.

However, just when you think you’re beginning to grasp Mercury retrograde in Libra, Mercury will re-enter Virgo on September 23, shifting the energetic tone of this retrograde. Because Virgo is a zodiac sign that’s focused on planning, analyzing and learning, this retrograde may challenge your daily routine and force you to clean up a mess you’ve been avoiding. Let this retrograde inspire you to get organized, one step at a time. It might even force you to decipher the difference between the cold hard truth and the fantasies you continue to believe in, even when the facts are right in front of you!

Once Mercury retrograde comes to an end on October 2 at 5:07 a.m. ET at 24 degrees Virgo, you will begin to make sense of what these challenges have taught you. However, don’t expect the retrograde fog to disperse immediately, as the post-retrograde shadow will last all the way until October 17. Although the wait for Mercury retrograde can end can feel beyond frustrating, keep in mind that the majority of its intensity will only last three weeks. You’ve survived this before and you’ll definitely survive it again!

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