When Elf On The Shelf Goes Bad

Laurel Pinson
When Elf On The Shelf Goes Bad
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I always found it so difficult trying to be on my best behavior for old Saint Nick — making my bed, cleaning my room, not throwing hissy fits. All in the hopes that there would be something worth opening up on Christmas morning. Well, as of last year the jolly old man has gotten a little wiser and sent out an elf to keep an eye on the kiddies – the elf on the shelf, if you will. He’s there to make sure all the boys and girls don’t get all naughty before the big day.

But what happens when the elf has had one to many? Let’s just say, things can get a little evil. Which of course equals a photographic goldmine. So look through the slideshow above to see what happens when the elf stops being polite, and starts getting real.