What’s On Taylor Swift’s Christmas List?

Spencer Cain

What do you possibly put on your Christmas wishlist when you’re 22, a millionaire many times over, and not the most exciting person in Hollywood? Taylor Swift isn’t boring, but she doesn’t exactly give the media much to work with, minus her well-publicized dalliances with the likes of John Mayer and Jake Gyllenhaal.

According to Twist,Taylor wants “a pasta maker, antique picture frames, or anything from Free People or Anthropologie.” Ugh, even her Christmas list makes her sound sort of perfect. She’s going to make a great wife one day, as soon as she stops recording not-so-subtle songs every time one of her dudes steps out of line.

In addition to her wish list, Taylor revealed what she likes to wear during the holiday season:”I wear a lot of sweaters and jeans and boots. That’s usually my Nashville holiday uniform.” Look, I get it. We all need some time off, and those red carpets can be trs taxing, but if I had her coin in the bank, I’d be wearing a suit made of Birkins. Guess that’s just me though.

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