Zak Broman’s Jams For A Night Out in Hong Kong: Music Mixers

Susie G

If I had a dollar for every American DJ I knew that resided in Hong Kong, I would have….one dollar actually. Meet Zak Bromana hipster youth that was struggling to get by in Boston during the economic downturn of 2008 and thereafter, until an opportunity to move abroad happily presented itself.

After moving to the surrounding areas of Hong Kong to start a new profession as an ESL teacher, Broman not only brought his first-hand knowledge of the English language with him to the Pacific shores, but his passionate DJing skills that he had already crafted in Boston’s underground nightlife scene just right before his big move.

Now, Broman is tearing it up on the after hours scene in Hong Kong, after being a resident for almost 2 years now. For a locale that has a reputation as being one of the world’s most modern cities, those who have not visited can only imagine what it would be like to spend an evening out on the town over there.

Thankfully, Zak Broman has delightfully agreed to put together a special playlist that captures the after hours vibe of Hong Kong to give us just a taste of what he experiences on a daily basis. In addition, he also sent us a little love letter to his new hometown that’s already making us want to book a holiday thereSTAT:

Hong Kong is an amazing city; in fact, it’s regarded as the ‘most vertical’ city in the world. I put together the following playlist that emulates the feeling of approaching HK and soaking in the enormous hive-esque apartment towers and colorful architecture, glowing at night and dotting both sides of the highway. The nightlife is a mixture of gritty basement clubs and glitzy rooftop bars, and there’s a glorious checkpoint in the nighttime where you’re buzzed, and the density of the streets, sounds, and colors takes over your senses. It’s a great feeling which no other city that I have visited yet has achieved.Zak Broman

Check out Zak’s Hong Kong-inspired track listing below, and let us know which jam is your favorite in the comments section underneath!

Vangelis (Bladerunner OST) “Love Theme”

My Little Airport “Because I Was Too Nervous At That Time”

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Canblaster “Timemaster’s Chronicles”

Julio Bashmore “Battle For Middle You”

Onra “The One ft. T3 of Slum Village”

Drop The Lime “Sex Sax”

Rimer London “Love Dagger (BEAR Remix)”

Mosca “Tilt Shift”

?? Soft Lipa X JABBERLOO “I Want You (?????)”

Quadron “Average Fruit (10.4 Rog Gradeschool Crush Remix)”